For milliner Ilana Meilak, her ever enduring love affair with hats started from a very young age. Ilana's father was in the business of antiques and for Ilana, growing up around vintage clothing and accessories was always fascinating, however, it was hats that really captivated her young mind. She was so intrigued by the mystery behind them, pondering who the owner might have been and carefully analysing the stitches and craftsmanship. Ilana soon realised that she wanted to be a part of creating beautiful hats for people, passing on the happiness they gave her to whoever was lucky enough to discover her creations. She wanted to continue the craft and pass on the passion and she certainly has done that. 

Studying millinery & headwear at Tafe in 2015 ,  Ilana  developed the skill's she needed to take on the millinery world , with a  huge influence in the yesteryear  researching old traditional millinery techniques  and collecting vintage  material's and  trimmings  from all over the world making her pieces special and unique. 

The House of Hats was Born in in 2006 opening her first shop on Sydney's popular shopping strip Oxford Street Paddington were she established her brand being exposed and working with other designers stylists and photographers The House of Hats  has graced the glossy pages of many  publications such as Grazia,Cleo,Cosmopolitan,Cosmo Bride and even featured on Australia's Next Top Model and Canada's tv  series REIGN.

 "  In a mass produced world there is something very special in making a handmade product, each piece is delicately crafted and  made with love " (ilana quotes). Every time a headpiece is born, you are buying a piece of my heart Each piece is inspired by a  dream, feeling , another era , film , fashion.  I create pieces of wearable art that I design and create from love. I get attached to  each piece and feel proud when I see them go to a new home and happiness when I see them on their new owner who adores  them.


Take a peek into The House Of Hats and see the magic behind Milliner Ilana constructing  a hand made silk flower using traditional flower tools.